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日本(ひのもと / ひもと / にほん / にっぽん)さんの由来と分布

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【日本】Etymology of Japanese surnames.


Hinomoto 【日本】3 The Japanese surnames etymology dictionary.

Oosaka-fu · Aichi-ken Nagoya-shi Moriyama Ward, Kyouto-fu . Korean type . Originated in Miryang City, South Gyeongsangnam Province. Miryang's "dense" is used. Naturalization occurred on Osaka-fu Yao-shi on August 9, 1984. The real name is Park. Boku reference.

Kanagawa-ken Isehara-shi It was in the Edo era at Kushihashi Bridge . The current notation in the same place is "樒 川".

2021年 3月 17日 更新

Nippon 【日本】3 The Japanese surnames etymology dictionary.

Shimane-ken Masuda-shi , Yamaguchi-ken , Miyagi-ken Tagajou-shi . Shimane-ken Oochi-gun Oonan-chou Origin of Fushidani. A place name with a record since the Edo period.

* Tochigi-ken Kanuma-shi Originated from Fusei Valley (Hoseiya) in Shimogasuo 's small figure. Shizuoka-ken Hamamatsu-shi Motojo-machi in Naka-ku was in the Edo era in the Hamamatsu clan of the clan office. The same samurai, Chiba-ken Ichihara-shi Tsurumai passed from 1868 to 1871 in the clan office Tsurumai clan who lived in Kyouto-fu Kyouto-shi out of Tochigi-ken Kanuma-shi Fusa Tanimura " Fuse Valley "and" Fujiya "as well. Unknown times. 布施谷 Fuseya reference. 布施屋 Fuseya reference.

2017年 10月 15日 更新

Nihon 【日本】3 The Japanese surnames etymology dictionary.

Hiroshima-ken , Shiga-ken · Shizuoka-ken . 藤原 family name is present. It is distributed in Ishikawa-ken Hakui-shi . 藤原 Fujiwara reference.

2020年 9月 5日 更新

Himoto 【日本】3 The Japanese surnames etymology dictionary.

Mie-ken , Aichi-ken . 満仲 variant. Mie-ken Minamimuro-gun Mihama-chou There is distribution in the tree. 満仲 Manjuu reference.

2021年 3月 17日 更新

Similar names:

Hinomoto 【樋本】4 , Hinomoto 【桧本】3 , Hinomoto 【日元】3 , Hinomoto 【日野本】3 , Hinomoto 【檜本】3 , Hinomoto 【樋之本】2 , Hinomoto 【樋野本】2 , Hinomoto 【樋之元】2 , Hinomoto 【日ノ本】1 , Himoto 【樋本】4 , Himoto 【樋元】3 , Himoto 【肥本】3 , Himoto 【陽本】2 , Himoto 【比本】2 , Himoto 【枇本】2 , Himoto 【緋本】2 , Bimoto 【備本】2

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【日本】Distribution of surname.


Distributions by prefecture
Distributions by city
Distributions by subregion
Whole Japan Prefectures
レベル3 1 Yamanashi-ken(About 30)
1 Oosaka-fu(About 30)
3 Ibaraki-ken(About 20)
4 Kanagawa-ken(About 20)
4 Hyougo-ken(About 20)
6 Kagoshima-ken(About 10)
6 Aichi-ken(About 10)
6 Okayama-ken(About 10)
9 Kagawa-ken(About 10)
9 Fukui-ken(About 10)
PopulationAbout 200
Rank by city
1 Koufu-shi(About 20)
2 Jousou-shi(About 20)
3 Yokohama-shi Tsurumi-ku(About 10)
3 Okayama-shi(About 10)
5 Kimotsuki-gun Kimotsuki-chou(About 10)
5 Toyonaka-shi(About 10)
5 Marugame-shi(About 10)
5 Kawanishi-shi(About 10)
9 Mikata-gun Mihama-chou(Very rare)
9 Kitanagoya-shi(Very rare)
Rank by subregion
1 山梨県 甲府市 池田(About 10)
2 茨城県 常総市 新井木町(About 10)
2 神奈川県 横浜市鶴見区 鶴見中央(About 10)
2 大阪府 豊中市 本町(About 10)
2 山梨県 甲府市 下飯田(About 10)
2 香川県 丸亀市 土器町東(About 10)
2 鹿児島県 肝属郡肝付町 南方(About 10)

Distributions of ratios

Distributions of ratios by prefecture
Distributions of ratios by city
Distributions of ratios by subregion
Whole Japan Prefectures
Ratios0.000163% 1 Yamanashi-ken(0.00253%)
2 Fukui-ken(0.000956%)
3 Kagawa-ken(0.000764%)
4 Ibaraki-ken(0.000712%)
5 Kagoshima-ken(0.00061%)
6 Okayama-ken(0.00061%)
7 Oosaka-fu(0.000346%)
8 Miyazaki-ken(0.000339%)
9 Hyougo-ken(0.000328%)
10 Ooita-ken(0.000322%)
Rank by city
1 Kimotsuki-gun Kimotsuki-chou(0.0303%)
2 Mikata-gun Mihama-chou(0.0286%)
3 Jousou-shi(0.0262%)
4 Kasuya-gun Shime-machi(0.0141%)
5 Koufu-shi(0.00989%)
6 Akitakata-shi(0.00954%)
7 Marugame-shi(0.00732%)
8 Yokohama-shi Tsurumi-ku(0.00653%)
9 Kitanagoya-shi(0.00616%)
10 Kawanishi-shi(0.00602%)
Rank by subregion


Hinomoto 【日元】3, Hinomoto 【日ノ本】1 exist.

Nittou【日東】3, Nippon【日本】3, Nihon【日本】3, Himoto【日本】3 are referenced.