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【網田】Etymology of Japanese surnames.


Amita 【網田】4 The Japanese surnames etymology dictionary.

Kagoshima-ken Nishinoomote-shi , Aichi-ken , Kyouto-fu .

① variant of 荒川 .

Miyazaki-ken Koyu-gun Takanabe-chou Kamie was in the Edo period in the Takanabe clan of the Clan office.

Kyouto-fu Fukuchiyama-shi Originated from Araga. A place name with a record since the Edo period.

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Amida 【網田】4 The Japanese surnames etymology dictionary.

Miyazaki-ken Miyakonojou-shi , Oosaka-fu . Miyazaki-ken Miyakonojou-shi Originated from the inside of the Arakawa of the Takano chokecho . Miyazaki-ken Miyakonojou-shi Distributed in Mikawa-cho.

2019年 9月 29日 更新

Ouda 【網田】4 The Japanese surnames etymology dictionary.

Okinawa-ken , Shizuoka-ken , Oosaka-fu . Oki, including distribution including oolong.

Okinawa-ken Nanjou-shi Origin of Osato Greatcastle. A place name with a record since the Kingdom of the Ryukyus. The Ryukyuan sound is Ukgusuku.

Yamanashi-ken Minamikoma-gun Minobu-chou Birth of Great Ogi (oogiro). A place name with a record since the Warring States Period. Shizuoka-ken Hamamatsu-shi It was in the Edo period in Nakase, Hamakita-ku. Toukyou-to Adachi-ku Tell that it is a pioneer in Nakagawa.

Korea type . Thing . From the fact that the Republic of Korea Gyeonggi Province Morikawa stationed as the ancestor of Mr. Mr. Xuchu Mr. Toshikawa Ikawa in the Xuju area when the imperial king of the old Korea was pursued the throne. There is a record of naturalization on Yamagata-ken Yamagata-shi on January 5, 1954. The real name is Xu. Jo reference.

Tokushima-ken Naka-gun Naka-chou Beginning of Kitagawa Great Wall. It is distributed in the same place.

Iwate-ken Kuji-shi Yamagata machi originated from Oshiro (Dijo), a small connected figure. Last name is also Loja.

Things . From the big castle. Nagasaki-ken Isahaya-shi Moriyama Town It was in Edo era in Uemitsuda. Saga-ken Saga-shi The inside of the castle was the Saga clan of the clan office, Akita-ken Akita-shi Chiaki Park was in the Edo period at the clan's Kubota in the Clan office.

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Similar names:

Amita 【編田】3 , Amida 【編田】3 , Amida 【阿見田】1 , Outa 【黄田】3 , Outa 【王田】3 , Outa 【往田】3 , Outa 【翁田】3 , Outa 【応田】2 , Outa 【應田】2 , Outa 【負田】2

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【網田】Distribution of surname.


Distributions by prefecture
Distributions by city
Distributions by subregion
Whole Japan Prefectures
レベル4 1 Nagasaki-ken(About 200)
2 Yamaguchi-ken(About 200)
3 Kumamoto-ken(About 130)
4 Fukuoka-ken(About 100)
5 Hyougo-ken(About 100)
6 Oosaka-fu(About 80)
7 Toukyou-to(About 40)
8 Kanagawa-ken(About 30)
8 Kyouto-fu(About 30)
10 Fukui-ken(About 30)
PopulationAbout 1,100
Rank by city
1 Shimonoseki-shi(About 120)
2 Kumamoto-shi(About 100)
3 Sasebo-shi(About 80)
4 Minamimatsuura-gun Shinkamigotou-chou(About 70)
5 Takasago-shi(About 40)
6 Nagasaki-shi(About 30)
7 Tottori-shi(About 30)
7 Uda-shi(About 30)
9 Sakai-shi(About 20)
9 Kitakyuushuu-shi Kokurakita-ku(About 20)
Rank by subregion
1 熊本県 熊本市 六田(About 70)
2 長崎県 佐世保市 平郷(About 30)
2 長崎県 南松浦郡新上五島町 青方郷(About 30)
4 奈良県 宇陀市 才ケ辻(About 30)
5 山口県 下関市 室津下(About 20)
5 長崎県 南松浦郡新上五島町 船崎郷(About 20)
7 山口県 下関市 涌田後地(About 20)
7 福井県 坂井市 安島(About 20)
7 長崎県 佐世保市 針尾中町(About 20)
10 兵庫県 高砂市 阿弥陀町阿弥陀(About 10)

Notable cities

Minamimatsuura-gun Shinkamigotou-chou , Uda-shi , Nanjou-gun Minamiechizen-chou , Kushiroshi-chou Kushiro-chou

Distributions of ratios

Distributions of ratios by prefecture
Distributions of ratios by city
Distributions of ratios by subregion
Whole Japan Prefectures
Ratios0.000904% 1 Nagasaki-ken(0.0119%)
2 Yamaguchi-ken(0.0086%)
3 Kumamoto-ken(0.00684%)
4 Tottori-ken(0.00363%)
5 Fukui-ken(0.00335%)
6 Fukuoka-ken(0.00237%)
7 Nara-ken(0.00208%)
8 Hyougo-ken(0.00181%)
9 Kyouto-fu(0.00133%)
10 Oosaka-fu(0.00104%)
Rank by city
1 Minamimatsuura-gun Shinkamigotou-chou(0.163%)
2 Nanjou-gun Minamiechizen-chou(0.0577%)
3 Uda-shi(0.0574%)
4 Kushiroshi-chou Kushiro-chou(0.0542%)
5 Kamimashiki-gun Kashima-machi(0.0508%)
6 Takasago-shi(0.0433%)
7 Shimonoseki-shi(0.0342%)
8 Oosaka-shi Nishi-ku(0.0319%)
9 Kitamatsuura-gun Saza-chou(0.0317%)
10 Sasebo-shi(0.0266%)
Rank by subregion
1 奈良県 宇陀市 才ケ辻(24% / About 30)
2 熊本県 熊本市 六田(16.8% / About 70)
3 長崎県 南松浦郡新上五島町 船崎郷(5.81% / About 20)
4 山口県 下関市 室津下(0.994% / About 20)
5 長崎県 南松浦郡新上五島町 青方郷(0.951% / About 30)
6 長崎県 佐世保市 平郷(0.939% / About 30)


Amida 【編田】3, Amida 【阿見田】1 exist.

Amida【網田】4, Amida【編田】3, Amida【阿見田】1, Ouda【網田】4 are referenced.