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【納富】Etymology of Japanese surnames.


Noutomi 【納富】5 The Japanese surnames etymology dictionary.

Kagoshima-ken , Miyazaki-ken , Kouchi-ken .

Creation . From the favorable "Fuku", "distill". From the Fukudome gate of the gate division system that was in the Edo period. An example of the location of the gate. Kagoshima-ken Hioki-shi foster mother, Kagoshima-ken Hioki-shi Iju-in town gun, Kagoshima-ken Hioki-shi Ijusuin-machi upper house Shogunate, Kagoshima-ken Hioki-shi Iiseu-cho Moromeda, Kagoshima-ken Kagoshima-shi Yamada cho , Kagoshima-ken Ibusuki-shi Kamoshima- ken Ibusuki-shi Yamakawa Ogawa, Kagoshima-ken Minamisatsuma-shi Kimonomachi Takahashi, Kagoshima-ken Minamisatsuma-shi Shinzan, Kagoshima-ken Aira-shi Gamo- Kagoshima-ken Aira-shi Kamoshima- ken Kirishima-shi Hayato-cho Kashiro River, Kagoshima-ken Kirishima-shi Kokubunai Taipei Temple, Kagoshima-ken Shibushi-shi Ariake Town Nodakura, Kagoshima-ken Shibushi-shi Ariake Town, Nagami, Kagoshima -Ken Kanoya-Shi Kamiharaigawa-cho, Kagoshima-Ken Kanoya-Shi Shimobori-cho, Kagoshima-Ken Kanoya-Shi Oaira-cho, Kagoshima-Ken Kanoya-Shi Aira-cho on the name, Kagoshima-Ken Kanoya-Shi Kihoku, Kagoshima Kamimobiki, Kagoshima-ken Kimotsuki-gun Kinkou-chou Tashiro's foot, Kagoshima-ken Kimotsuki-gun Kimotsuki-chou Shinnomi, Kagoshima-ke N Kimotsuki-Gun Kimotsuki-Chou Maeda, Kagoshima-Ken Kimotsuki-Gun Kimotsuki-Chou Ushiroda, Kagoshima-Ken Kimotsuki-Gun Minamioosumi-Chou Sata Izashiki, Miyazaki-Ken Ebino-Shi Harada, Miyazaki-Ken Miyakonojou-Shi Tarobo-cho, Miyazaki-ken Kitamorokata-gun Mimata-chou Tateike pond. Kagoshima-ken Ichikikushikino-shi Near Kyoto - cho (old: Shimo), Kagoshima-ken Kanoya-shi Fukudome Yashiki at Kurihara- cho Nuri. Ishikawa-ken Hakusan-shi At Minatocho, say that Meiji New Family name was renamed from Hako Surname with the idea that Fuku will stay as fire occurred in 1875. 撫子 Nadeshiko reference.

Kagoshima-ken Minamikyuushuu-shi Born in Beppu Fukuzu . There was Fukudome gate of the gate division system in the Edo period in the same place.

Kagoshima-ken Soo-shi Originated from Higashi Fukudome · Nishi Fukurusu, a small figure of Susukicho-cho Nogu way. There was Fukudome gate of the gate division system in the Edo period in the same place.

④ variant of 福富 . In Kouchi-ken tells that the vassal of Nagasakiguchi, the former warrior of warring States and Azuchi-Momoyama era, also written Fukutomi surname as "Fukudome". Kouchi-ken Shimanto-shi Nakamura Marunouchi was in the Edo period in the clan of Tosa Nakamura of the Clan Office. 福富 Fukutomi reference.

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Noudomi 【納富】5 The Japanese surnames etymology dictionary.

Fukui-ken Fukui-shi . Fukui-ken Fukui-shi Distributed in Ono-machi. Fukui was a place name with a record since the Edo period. The place name was also written as "Fukui".

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Similar names:

Iritomi 【納冨】3 , Noutomi 【納冨】3 , Noutomi 【能冨】2 , Noutomi 【能富】2 , Noudomi 【納冨】3 , Noudomi 【能冨】2

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【納富】Distribution of surname.


Distributions by prefecture
Distributions by city
Distributions by subregion
Whole Japan Prefectures
レベル5 1 Saga-ken(About 1,400)
2 Fukuoka-ken(About 600)
3 Nagasaki-ken(About 200)
4 Toukyou-to(About 200)
5 Oosaka-fu(About 140)
6 Kanagawa-ken(About 130)
7 Hyougo-ken(About 80)
8 Aichi-ken(About 70)
9 Saitama-ken(About 60)
10 Yamaguchi-ken(About 50)
PopulationAbout 3,200
Rank by city
1 Saga-shi(About 900)
2 Ogi-shi(About 130)
3 Sasebo-shi(About 70)
4 Kanzaki-shi(About 70)
4 Kitakyuushuu-shi Yahatanishi-ku(About 70)
6 Nagasaki-shi(About 60)
6 Miyaki-gun Miyaki-chou(About 60)
8 Fukuoka-shi Minami-ku(About 50)
9 Karatsu-shi(About 40)
9 Miyaki-gun Kamimine-chou(About 40)
Rank by subregion
1 佐賀県 佐賀市 小副川(About 90)
2 佐賀県 佐賀市 尼寺(About 60)
2 佐賀県 佐賀市 久池井(About 60)
4 佐賀県 佐賀市 東山田(About 50)
5 佐賀県 佐賀市 関屋(About 40)
6 佐賀県 三養基郡みやき町 原古賀(About 30)
6 佐賀県 小城市 織島袴田(About 30)
8 佐賀県 佐賀市 松瀬(About 30)
8 佐賀県 佐賀市 古湯(About 30)
8 佐賀県 佐賀市 三瀬(About 30)

Notable prefectures


Notable cities

Miyaki-gun Kamimine-chou , Saga-shi , Kishima-gun Kouhoku-machi , Ogi-shi , Aikou-gun Kiyokawa-mura , Minamisaku-gun Minamimaki-mura , Sorachishi-chou Kamisunagawa-chou , Iburishi-chou Atsuma-chou

Distributions of ratios

Distributions of ratios by prefecture
Distributions of ratios by city
Distributions of ratios by subregion
Whole Japan Prefectures
Ratios0.00261% 1 Saga-ken(0.157%)
2 Fukuoka-ken(0.0133%)
3 Nagasaki-ken(0.0113%)
4 Yamaguchi-ken(0.00287%)
5 Miyazaki-ken(0.00204%)
6 Toukyou-to(0.00199%)
7 Oosaka-fu(0.00184%)
8 Kanagawa-ken(0.00184%)
9 Kumamoto-ken(0.0016%)
10 Hyougo-ken(0.00156%)
Rank by city
1 Miyaki-gun Kamimine-chou(0.445%)
2 Saga-shi(0.377%)
3 Ogi-shi(0.293%)
4 Kishima-gun Kouhoku-machi(0.212%)
5 Miyaki-gun Miyaki-chou(0.204%)
6 Kanzaki-shi(0.185%)
7 Kanzaki-gun Yoshinogari-chou(0.171%)
8 Aikou-gun Kiyokawa-mura(0.136%)
9 Kishima-gun Oomachi-chou(0.0841%)
10 Kashima-shi(0.0762%)
Rank by subregion
1 佐賀県 小城市 織島袴田(33.3% / About 30)
2 佐賀県 佐賀市 関屋(11.7% / About 40)
3 佐賀県 佐賀市 小副川(10.5% / About 90)
4 佐賀県 佐賀市 古湯(4.52% / About 30)
5 佐賀県 佐賀市 松瀬(4.22% / About 30)
6 佐賀県 佐賀市 三瀬(3.66% / About 30)
7 佐賀県 佐賀市 東山田(2.41% / About 50)
8 佐賀県 佐賀市 尼寺(0.964% / About 60)
9 佐賀県 佐賀市 神野西(0.881% / About 30)
10 佐賀県 三養基郡上峰町 坊所(0.841% / About 30)


Noutomi 【納冨】3, Noutomi 【能冨】2, Noutomi 【能富】2, Noudome 【納留】2 are variants.

Noudomi【納富】5, Noudome【納留】2 are referenced.