Etymology and distribution of 生澤.

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生澤(いけさわ / いけざわ / おいさわ / いくさわ / いきさわ / いきざわ / いくざわ / いざわ / うぶさわ)さんの由来と分布

Etymology Distribution Information provision

【生澤】Etymology of Japanese surnames.


Ikezawa 【生澤】4 The Japanese surnames etymology dictionary.

Fukuoka-ken Kitakyuushuu-shi Ogakura-ku, Okayama-ken Niimi-shi , Hiroshima-ken .

Good neighbor . Fukuoka-ken Kitakyuushuu-shi Originated from Ishiganto, a small figure in Kuramaya- ku, Kurakura-ku.

Topography . From the imminent land of stones and mountains. Okayama-ken Niimi-shi Tetsunishi Yada is based.

Yamaguchi-ken Kumage-gun Tabuse-chou Originated from Beppu's small stone Ishiako (Ishizako).

2020年 7月 27日 更新

Ikisawa 【生澤】4 The Japanese surnames etymology dictionary.

Ibaraki-ken Ishioka-shi . Ibaraki-ken Ishioka-shi Shibauchi is based. Tell him that he was engaged in agriculture and using the shelf 's name in the same place. Estimated in the Edo period.

2019年 10月 7日 更新

Ikizawa 【生澤】4 The Japanese surnames etymology dictionary.

Iwate-ken . A variant of 伊五沢 .

2017年 10月 15日 更新

Ikusawa 【生澤】4 The Japanese surnames etymology dictionary.

Gifu-ken , Aichi-ken . Heterogeneity of 伊佐治 . In Gifu-ken Kani-gun Mitake-chou Yamaguchi-ken Mine-shi Isaichi Isao called Isa surname in the Muromachi era Gifu-ken Kamo-gun Yaotsu-chou In the beginning of the Edo period in the early Edo period " It added that it added that it changed to Isasaki. 伊佐 Isa reference.

2019年 10月 9日 更新

Ikuzawa 【生澤】4 The Japanese surnames etymology dictionary.

Hyougo-ken Toyooka-shi . Hyougo-ken Toyooka-shi There is distribution in Izushi Town Yanagi.

2017年 10月 15日 更新

Ikesawa 【生澤】4 The Japanese surnames etymology dictionary.

Yamagata-ken , Shizuoka-ken · Ehime-ken . A variant of 石崎 .

2021年 1月 25日 更新

Izawa 【生澤】4 The Japanese surnames etymology dictionary.

Kagoshima-ken Kanoya-shi , Kagoshima-ken Kimotsuki-gun Higashikushira-chou . Terrain . Kagoshima-ken Kimotsuki-gun Higashikushira-chou From the Izumi Suzuizawa gate of the gate division system that was in the Edo period. The name of the gate is from the swamp of water.

2017年 10月 15日 更新

Ubusawa 【生澤】4 The Japanese surnames etymology dictionary.

Ibaraki-ken . Originated from Ishikawa-ken Kaga-shi (formerly Eganuma-gun). Place name with a record in 731 (Tenpyo 3 years). In Nara-ken there was Mr. Ezanuma's family name during the Heian period. Ibaraki-ken Hokota-shi Taniya is based.

2017年 10月 15日 更新

Oisawa 【生澤】4 The Japanese surnames etymology dictionary.

Aomori-ken Hachinohe-shi , Chiba-ken . Aomori-ken Hachinohe-shi Originated from Yamato Mountain, Namogo Daimyo mamoru. Aomori-ken Hachinohe-shi Distribution in Namogo Daijiman Shimoumi Kanue Hanazawa.

2019年 11月 20日 更新

Similar names:

Ikisawa 【生沢】4 , Ikizawa 【生沢】4 , Ikizawa 【井木沢】2 , Ikizawa 【井木澤】2 , Ikusawa 【生沢】4 , Ikuzawa 【生沢】4 , Ikesawa 【池沢】5 , Ikesawa 【池澤】5 , Ikesawa 【生沢】4 , Ikezawa 【池沢】5 , Ikezawa 【池澤】5 , Ikezawa 【生沢】4 , Isawa 【井沢】5 , Isawa 【伊沢】5 , Isawa 【伊澤】5 , Isawa 【井澤】5 , Isawa 【石和】4 , Isawa 【石禾】2 , Isawa 【胆沢】2 , Isawa 【膽沢】2 , Isawa 【膽澤】2 , Izawa 【井沢】5 , Izawa 【伊沢】5 , Izawa 【伊澤】5 , Izawa 【井澤】5 , Izawa 【生沢】4 , Izawa 【猪沢】3 , Izawa 【居沢】3 , Izawa 【猪澤】3 , Izawa 【射和】3 , Izawa 【居澤】2 , Izawa 【揖沢】2 , Izawa 【揖澤】1 , Ubusawa 【生沢】4 , Oisawa 【生沢】4

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【生澤】Distribution of surname.


Distributions by prefecture
Distributions by city
Distributions by subregion
Whole Japan Prefectures
レベル4 1 Tochigi-ken(About 300)
2 Toukyou-to(About 70)
2 Saitama-ken(About 70)
4 Kanagawa-ken(About 50)
4 Chiba-ken(About 50)
6 Oosaka-fu(About 20)
7 Shizuoka-ken(About 20)
7 Fukuoka-ken(About 20)
7 Hokkaidou(About 20)
10 Ibaraki-ken(About 10)
PopulationAbout 700
Rank by city
1 Tochigi-shi(About 200)
2 Ootawara-shi(About 20)
2 Oyama-shi(About 20)
4 Sano-shi(About 10)
4 Kanuma-shi(About 10)
4 Kita-ku(About 10)
4 Koshigaya-shi(About 10)
4 Kashiwa-shi(About 10)
9 Shimotsuke-shi(About 10)
9 Yokkaichi-shi(About 10)
Rank by subregion
1 栃木県 栃木市 牛久(About 20)
1 栃木県 栃木市 上高島(About 20)
3 栃木県 栃木市 仲方町(About 20)
4 栃木県 栃木市 大宮町(About 10)
4 栃木県 栃木市 木(About 10)
4 栃木県 栃木市 沼和田町(About 10)
4 栃木県 栃木市 錦町(About 10)
8 東京都 品川区 豊町(About 10)
8 栃木県 栃木市 吹上町(About 10)
8 栃木県 栃木市 蔵井(About 10)

Notable cities


Distributions of ratios

Distributions of ratios by prefecture
Distributions of ratios by city
Distributions of ratios by subregion
Whole Japan Prefectures
Ratios0.000539% 1 Tochigi-ken(0.0146%)
2 Saitama-ken(0.00117%)
3 Chiba-ken(0.00106%)
4 Toukyou-to(0.000796%)
5 Kanagawa-ken(0.000736%)
6 Shizuoka-ken(0.000444%)
7 Mie-ken(0.000438%)
8 Gunma-ken(0.000405%)
9 Fukuoka-ken(0.000395%)
10 Gifu-ken(0.000377%)
Rank by city
1 Tochigi-shi(0.112%)
2 Tagawa-gun Soeda-machi(0.0265%)
3 Ootawara-shi(0.0237%)
4 Oda-gun Yakage-chou(0.0193%)
5 Fussa-shi(0.0176%)
6 Shimotsuke-shi(0.0167%)
7 Sawa-gun Tamamura-machi(0.0129%)
8 Oyama-shi(0.0127%)
9 Hidakashi-chou Shinhidaka-chou(0.0127%)
10 Kanuma-shi(0.0123%)
Rank by subregion
1 栃木県 栃木市 上高島(5.62% / About 20)
2 栃木県 栃木市 牛久(2.73% / About 20)


Ikisawa【生澤】4, Ikizawa【生澤】4, Ikusawa【生澤】4, Ikuzawa【生澤】4, Ikesawa【生澤】4, Izawa【生澤】4, Ubusawa【生澤】4, Oisawa【生澤】4 are referenced.