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生村(いきむら / いくむら / いけむら)さんの由来と分布

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【生村】Etymology of Japanese surnames.


Ikimura 【生村】3 The Japanese surnames etymology dictionary.

Toukyou-to , Kanagawa-ken , Saitama-ken .

Mie-ken Yokkaichi-shi Origin of Izaka-cho. A place name with a record since the Warring States Period.

Topography . 井坂 's variant. Akita-ken Akita-shi Chiaki Park was in the Edo period in the clan san Kubota of the Clan office. The same clan says that Ibaraki-ken is out.

* Originated from Ikako Township in the vicinity of Ibaraki-ken Ishioka-shi (formerly Shinjō gun). Period, location unknown.

Topography . "Saka" is added to Italy which is the surname of the Kamoshima-ken Amami archipelago. There was a case in Hyygo-ken Koube-shi where the name of renamed was changed between 1952 and 1959 on the ground that it is confusing to foreigners. I reference.

Korea type . Terrain . "Slope" is added to "I" including Yun. Oosaka-fu Oosaka-shi Minato-ku, Hiroshima-ken Mihara-shi has a record of naturalization on October 26, 1962. The real name is Yoon. In reference.

Saitama-ken Kuki-shi Izaka is a place name with a record since the Edo period.

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Ikumura 【生村】3 The Japanese surnames etymology dictionary.

Tochigi-ken , Tottori-ken Tottori-shi . Together with Tochigi - ken Ootawara - shi tell Tottori - ken . Hyougo-ken Tatsuno-shi Misu-cho Iwami (Iwami) is a place name with a record as "Ishihama" in the Nara era.

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Ikemura 【生村】3 The Japanese surnames etymology dictionary.

Aomori-ken Kamikita-gun Touhoku-machi , Aomori-ken Kamikita-gun Noheji-machi . Aomori-ken Kamikita-gun Touhoku-machi Birth of the stone text . It is distributed in the same place. Aomori-ken Kamikita-gun Shichinohe-machi Shichinohe was in the Edo era in the Shitenno Samurai of the Clan office.

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Similar names:

Ikimura 【壱岐村】2 , Ikimura 【壹岐村】1 , Ikumura 【育村】2 , Ikumura 【幾村】2 , Ikemura 【池村】5 , Ikemura 【池邨】3 , Ikemura 【池邑】3

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【生村】Distribution of surname.


Distributions by prefecture
Distributions by city
Distributions by subregion
Whole Japan Prefectures
レベル3 1 Oosaka-fu(About 40)
2 Tottori-ken(About 20)
2 Hiroshima-ken(About 20)
2 Yamaguchi-ken(About 20)
2 Hyougo-ken(About 20)
6 Toukyou-to(About 10)
7 Kagoshima-ken(Very rare)
7 Nagasaki-ken(Very rare)
7 Fukui-ken(Very rare)
7 Okinawa-ken(Very rare)
PopulationAbout 200
Rank by city
1 Sakai-shi(About 10)
2 Shuunan-shi(About 10)
2 Saihaku-gun Nanbu-chou(About 10)
2 Saihaku-gun Hiedzu-son(About 10)
2 Awaji-shi(About 10)
6 Hachiouji-shi(Very rare)
6 Kure-shi(Very rare)
6 Yawata-shi(Very rare)
6 Fukui-shi(Very rare)
6 Matsusaka-shi(Very rare)
Rank by subregion
1 鳥取県 西伯郡南部町 阿賀(About 10)
1 鳥取県 西伯郡日吉津村 今吉(About 10)

Notable cities

Saihaku-gun Hiedzu-son , Saihaku-gun Nanbu-chou

Distributions of ratios

Distributions of ratios by prefecture
Distributions of ratios by city
Distributions of ratios by subregion
Whole Japan Prefectures
Ratios0.000128% 1 Tottori-ken(0.00242%)
2 Yamaguchi-ken(0.000955%)
3 Hiroshima-ken(0.000577%)
4 Oosaka-fu(0.000576%)
5 Fukui-ken(0.000478%)
6 Okinawa-ken(0.000396%)
7 Hyougo-ken(0.000328%)
8 Nagasaki-ken(0.000258%)
9 Mie-ken(0.000219%)
10 Kagoshima-ken(0.000203%)
Rank by city
1 Saihaku-gun Hiedzu-son(0.24%)
2 Saihaku-gun Nanbu-chou(0.0576%)
3 Ooshima-gun Kikai-chou(0.0306%)
4 Kumage-gun Tabuse-chou(0.02%)
5 Awaji-shi(0.0128%)
6 Sen'nan-shi(0.00727%)
7 Ginowan-shi(0.00726%)
8 Yawata-shi(0.00639%)
9 Izumiootsu-shi(0.00628%)
10 Hiroshima-shi Aki-ku(0.00592%)
Rank by subregion


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