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波根(はね / なみね)さんの由来と分布

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Hane 【波根】レベル3
About 80
  The Japanese surnames etymology dictionary.

Kyouto-fu , Fukui-ken , Hokkaidou .

Topography . From the land where pine can be seen. Fukui-ken Obama-shi In the Yamate, tell him that he was engaged in the brewing industry with the shopkeeper of Komatsuya. Estimated in the Edo period. There is "pine" in Komatsu. Fukui-ken Mikatakaminaka-gun Wakasa-chou It was in Tamaki during the Edo period. Tell him that he was engaged in agriculture in the same area. Toyama-ken Toyama-shi Honmaru was a clan of the clan in the Edo era in the clan of the Daishoji in the clan office, Ishikawa-ken Kaga-shi Daisho - jyouba way. The Toyama clan says Kyouto - fu Kyouto - shi , Daisuei clan says Saitama - ken · Toukyou - to · Kanagawa - ken Tohoku area (old: Musashi country).

things . Shiga-ken Nagahama-shi Meiji New surname by monk of the conservation temple of Jodo Shinshu in Nakano cho. From Mt. Matsumi of the temple's mountain.

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Namine 【波根】レベル3
About 80
  The Japanese surnames etymology dictionary.

Iwate-ken . Iwate-ken Ninohe-gun Ichinohe-machi Birth of Narayama deep fat . It is distributed in the same place.

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Whole Japan Prefectures
レベル3 1 Shimane-ken(About 30)
2 Shizuoka-ken(About 10)
2 Kanagawa-ken(About 10)
2 Shiga-ken(About 10)
2 Chiba-ken(About 10)
6 Nagano-ken(Very rare)
6 Toukyou-to(Very rare)
6 Yamaguchi-ken(Very rare)
PopulationAbout 80
Rank by city
1 Hamada-shi(About 10)
1 Izumo-shi(About 10)
3 Matsue-shi(About 10)
3 Izunokuni-shi(About 10)
5 Ootsu-shi(Very rare)
5 San'youonoda-shi(Very rare)
5 Zama-shi(Very rare)
5 Yokohama-shi Hodogaya-ku(Very rare)
5 Yasu-shi(Very rare)
5 Oota-ku(Very rare)
Rank by subregion
1 静岡県 伊豆の国市 宗光寺(About 10)
1 島根県 出雲市 福富(About 10)
1 島根県 浜田市 片庭町(About 10)
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Similar names:

Hane 【羽根】レベル5
About 4,400
, Hane 【刎】レベル2
About 20


Hane 【羽根】レベル5
About 4,400
are variants.

Namine 【波根】レベル3
About 80
are referenced.


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