Etymology and distribution of 東坂.

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東坂(ひがしさか / とうざか / とうさか)さんの由来と分布

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【東坂】Etymology of Japanese surnames.


Higashisaka 【東坂】4 The Japanese surnames etymology dictionary.

Hyougo-ken , Niigata-ken , Tokushima-ken . Soga, distribution including muska. There is a surname including "increase". Hyougo - ken Kasai - shi Tell her that she was engaged in agriculture in the village of Minato - gada . Estimated in the Edo period. Masuka at Hyougo-ken . Niigata-ken is Soga.

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Tousaka 【東坂】4 The Japanese surnames etymology dictionary.

Gifu-ken , Oosaka-fu , Aichi-ken .

Originated from Aichi-ken Nishio-shi . A place name with a record since the Warring States Period. Gifu-ken Oogaki-shi Sone city lord Sone's lord in Azuchi-Momoyama era, Saitama-ken Ageo-shi Hara city is the hara city lord owner of the clan office, Gifu-ken Ibi-gun Ibigawa-chou Miwa to the clan lord of the clan Azuchi-Momoyama period · Edo period, Ibaraki-ken Tsuchiura-shi Central is the lord of Tsuchiura of the clan government, Gunma-ken Shibukawa-shi Shiroi is the lord of Shizui of the clan office, Nagano-ken Komoro-shi Ding is the Komori lord of the clan government, Shizuoka -ken Fujieda-shi Tanaka was the lord of Tanaka of the Clan Office, Shizuoka-ken Kakegawa-shi Nishiobuchi was in the Edo period as the lord of the Yokosuka of the Clan office. Good neighbor . In Nara-ken Gose-shi Furuseo tell Osaka- fu Tondabayashi-shi the descendant of the fallen who lived in Azuchi-Momoyama period.

Topography . Tokushima-ken Mima-gun Tsurugi-chou Chakamitsu Nagase, Kagawa-ken Nakatado-gun Man'nou-chou tells Meiji Shin surname by west ridge. Kagoshima-ken Tarumizu-shi From Takajo Nishio gate of the gate division system which was in the Edo period.

Topography . Ishikawa-ken Kanazawa-shi In Oba-cho, tell from the land at the western end. Ishikawa-ken Komatsu-shi In Takigahara-cho told Meiji New surname .

Nagasaki-ken Isahaya-shi Kaido Town Nishio (Nishinowo) is a place name unknown in the record era. It is distributed in the same place. Last name is Nishio.

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Touzaka 【東坂】4 The Japanese surnames etymology dictionary.

Kagawa-ken . A variant of 西応 .

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Similar names:

Tousaka 【登坂】5 , Tousaka 【遠坂】4 , Tousaka 【東阪】3 , Tousaka 【当坂】2 , Tousaka 【唐坂】2 , Touzaka 【東阪】3 , Dousaka 【堂坂】4 , Dousaka 【道坂】3 , Dousaka 【堂阪】3 , Dousaka 【銅坂】3 , Dousaka 【道阪】3 , Douzaka 【堂坂】4 , Douzaka 【堂阪】3 , Higashisaka 【東阪】3

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【東坂】Distribution of surname.


Distributions by prefecture
Distributions by city
Distributions by subregion
Whole Japan Prefectures
レベル4 1 Hyougo-ken(About 120)
2 Oosaka-fu(About 100)
3 Hiroshima-ken(About 70)
4 Kumamoto-ken(About 70)
5 Nagasaki-ken(About 50)
6 Kyouto-fu(About 40)
7 Fukuoka-ken(About 30)
8 Hokkaidou(About 30)
9 Okayama-ken(About 30)
10 Toukyou-to(About 20)
PopulationAbout 700
Rank by city
1 Fukuyama-shi(About 60)
2 Higashisonogi-gun Higashisonogi-chou(About 30)
3 Kumamoto-shi(About 30)
3 Tatsuno-shi(About 30)
5 Daitou-shi(About 30)
6 Oosaka-shi Taishou-ku(About 20)
7 Yatsushiro-shi(About 20)
7 Takaradzuka-shi(About 20)
7 Himeji-shi(About 20)
10 Kurashiki-shi(About 10)
Rank by subregion
1 長崎県 東彼杵郡東彼杵町 坂本郷(About 30)
2 兵庫県 たつの市 浦部(About 30)
2 広島県 福山市 蔵王町(About 30)
4 大阪府 大東市 栄和町(About 20)
5 熊本県 八代市 下岳(About 10)
5 宮崎県 宮崎市 花見(About 10)
5 広島県 福山市 日吉台(About 10)
8 広島県 福山市 南蔵王町(About 10)
8 広島県 呉市 田戸(About 10)
8 兵庫県 姫路市 城東町清水(About 10)

Notable cities

Higashisonogi-gun Higashisonogi-chou , Hidakashi-chou Erimo-chou

Distributions of ratios

Distributions of ratios by prefecture
Distributions of ratios by city
Distributions of ratios by subregion
Whole Japan Prefectures
Ratios0.00055% 1 Kumamoto-ken(0.00342%)
2 Nagasaki-ken(0.00283%)
3 Hiroshima-ken(0.00245%)
4 Hyougo-ken(0.00222%)
5 Kyouto-fu(0.0015%)
6 Miyazaki-ken(0.00136%)
7 Oosaka-fu(0.00127%)
8 Okayama-ken(0.00122%)
9 Ishikawa-ken(0.00102%)
10 Shiga-ken(0.000974%)
Rank by city
1 Higashisonogi-gun Higashisonogi-chou(0.331%)
2 Hidakashi-chou Erimo-chou(0.106%)
3 Oosaka-shi Taishou-ku(0.0349%)
4 Tatsuno-shi(0.0322%)
5 Yatsushiro-gun Hikawa-chou(0.0298%)
6 Otokuni-gun Ooyamazaki-chou(0.0262%)
7 Daitou-shi(0.0238%)
8 Kasuya-gun Sasaguri-machi(0.0175%)
9 Higashimorokata-gun Kunitomi-chou(0.0171%)
10 Miyoshi-shi(0.0168%)
Rank by subregion
1 長崎県 東彼杵郡東彼杵町 坂本郷(9.21% / About 30)
2 兵庫県 たつの市 浦部(6.82% / About 30)
3 広島県 福山市 蔵王町(0.688% / About 30)


Higashisaka 【東阪】3 are variants.

Tousaka【東坂】4, Touzaka【東坂】4 are referenced.