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【朝多】Etymology of Japanese surnames.


Asada 【朝多】2 The Japanese surnames etymology dictionary.

Fukushima-ken Shirakawa-shi , Shizuoka-ken Izu-shi · Aichi-ken . 朝日 surname available. Fukushima-ken Shirakawa-shi Tell her that she was engaged in agriculture in Shirasaka. Estimated in the Edo period.

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Asata 【朝多】2 The Japanese surnames etymology dictionary.

Aichi-ken , Ibaraki-ken , Hokkaidou .

Aichi-ken Kiyosu-shi Birth of Asahi. A place name with a record since the Heian period.

Shiga-ken Nagahama-shi Originated from the vicinity of Yamamoto (formerly Asahi). A place name with a record since the Heian period.

Fukui-ken Oono-shi Birth of Asahi. A place name with a record since the Kamakura period. He was in the Heian period.

Personal name . In Tochigi-ken Oyama-shi Higashino -da , say from "Asahi Shogun" aka Genja who is a warrior of the Heian era. Ibaraki - ken Hitachi - shi In Suwa Town tells that it is the descendant of Gen - gaku. Minamoto reference.

Saga-ken Originated from the vicinity of Asahiyama in Murata Town, Tosu City.

Saga-ken Kanzaki-shi Birthplace of Shirosaki cho Jojira Asahi. Saga-ken Kanzaki-shi Tradition by Shinto priest of Niihayama Shrine in Kanzaki-cho.

Ishikawa-ken Nomi-gun Kawakita-machi Birth of Asahi. A place name with a record since the Edo period. Ishikawa-ken Nomi-shi There is a tradition in Fukushima-cho.

Originated from Ishikawa-ken Kashima-gun Nakanoto-machi (formerly Asahi). Place name with a record from the Heian period to the Kamakura period.

Objects . From the morning sun. In Shizuoka-ken Mishima-shi tells that it was given from Yoritomo of the warlords of the Heian period and the Kamakura period. Kagoshima-ken Isa-shi From Asahi Gate of the gate division system that was in Edo period at Otuchi Fuchiba.

things . Iwate-ken Ichinoseki-shi Fujisawa Town In Yellow Sea, tell him that he is from the Asahi Mound of the same place.

Objects . Fukui-ken Fukui-shi Meiji New surname by monk of Nishijisa of Jodo Shin Buddhism in Shinosose-machi. From Asamiyama of the temple's mountain.

Korean type . "Korea has" morning ". Kyouto-fu Kyouto-shi There is a record of naturalization on the 22th of August 1960 in Kamigyo-ku. The real name is Li. Ri reference.

Goguryeo system . There was a case in Osaka-fu Eastern (formerly Kawachi-kuni) 761 year (Tenpyo Treasure 5 years) given Asahi's surname.

* Ibaraki-ken Originated from the morning sun of Inagi-gun. Period, location unknown.

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Similar names:

Asada 【浅田】6 , Asada 【朝田】5 , Asada 【麻田】5 , Asada 【淺田】3 , Asada 【麻多】2

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【朝多】Distribution of surname.


Distributions by prefecture
Distributions by city
Distributions by subregion
Whole Japan Prefectures
レベル2 1 Hyougo-ken(About 10)
2 Aichi-ken(Very rare)
2 Oosaka-fu(Very rare)
PopulationAbout 20
RankingOut of ranking
Rank by city
1 Nagoya-shi Tenpaku-ku(Very rare)
1 Oosaka-shi Hirano-ku(Very rare)
1 Kawabe-gun Inagawa-chou(Very rare)
1 Takaradzuka-shi(Very rare)
Rank by subregion

Distributions of ratios

Distributions of ratios by prefecture
Distributions of ratios by city
Distributions of ratios by subregion
Whole Japan Prefectures
RatiosVery rare 1 Hyougo-ken(0.000164%)
2 Aichi-ken(Very rare)
3 Oosaka-fu(Very rare)
Rank by city
1 Kawabe-gun Inagawa-chou(0.0182%)
2 Nagoya-shi Tenpaku-ku(0.00396%)
3 Oosaka-shi Hirano-ku(0.00273%)
4 Takaradzuka-shi(0.00224%)
Rank by subregion


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