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於保(おほ / おぼ / おいやす)さんの由来と分布

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Oho 【於保】レベル4
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  The Japanese surnames etymology dictionary.

Aichi-ken Nagoya-shi Green ward, Oosaka-fu , Toukyou-to .

Creation . Tell her that Mr. Kaji used "Wild" for the particle "of". Period, location unknown. Kaji reference. Aichi-ken Nagoya-shi Muramatsucho Midori-machi is based in Nomaama Okechi. Shizuoka-ken Kakegawa-shi Kakegawa was in the Edo era in the Kakegawa samurai of the Clan office. Toukyou-to Koganei-shi Kajino-cho is a stopover. The place name which we called "Kajino Nitta" in the Edo period. Tell the place name from what Mr. Kajino developed.

Topography . Tokushima-ken Mima-shi Mima-cho In the monk, tell Kaji and the field. Meiji New Last name in estimation.

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Oiyasu 【於保】レベル4
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  The Japanese surnames etymology dictionary.

Hokkaidou , Iwate-ken Rikuzentakata-shi · Gifu-ken Nakatsugawa-shi . Terrain . Iwate-ken Rikuzentakata-shi In Hirota-machi I will tell you that Meiji Shin surname by Oka and Tsubui.

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Obo 【於保】レベル4
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  The Japanese surnames etymology dictionary.

Shimane-ken Ooda-shi , Oosaka-fu , Hyougo-ken . Terrain . From 楫 と 野. Shimane-ken Ooda-shi Nima town Please tell me that there is a relationship with the rudder of the ship in Majiu . The land faces the Sea of Japan. Shimane-ken Ooda-shi It was in the Shizen town during the Edo period.

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Oiyasu 【於保】レベル4
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, Obo 【於保】レベル4
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