Etymology and distribution of 扶持本.

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扶持本(ふじもと / ふちもと)さんの由来と分布

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Fujimoto 【扶持本】レベル2
About 30
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Yamagata-ken , Kagoshima-ken , Kagawa-ken . Distribution including Tuen too. At Kagawa-ken , Touren. Terrain . Kagawa-Ken Mitoyo-Shi is located in where she of the south in Toyonaka-cho Hiji Kagawa-Ken Mitoyo-Shi tell and was called from the fact that Yeonsu temple monks of Koyasan Shingon sect in the Toyonaka-cho Shimodakano there was a Taoyuan near the temple . Meiji New Last name in estimation. In Kagawa-ken there is also a story that Yano's family name was. 矢野 Yano reference. Kagoshima-ken Izumi-shi From Taoyuan gate in the Shimonoseki Town, the gate division system that was in the Edo period.

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Fuchimoto 【扶持本】レベル2
About 30
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Ehime-ken · Toukyou-to . There are surnames including "Forest". "Virtue" is a favorable character. Ehime-ken Iyo-shi There is distribution in Nakayama Town embankment .

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Whole Japan Prefectures
レベル2 1 Tottori-ken(About 20)
2 Hyougo-ken(About 10)
PopulationAbout 30
RankingOut of ranking
Rank by city
1 Yazu-gun Chidzu-chou(About 20)
2 Yonago-shi(Very rare)
2 Itami-shi(Very rare)
2 Amagasaki-shi(Very rare)
Rank by subregion
1 鳥取県 八頭郡智頭町 口波多(About 10)
都道府県分布数図 市区町村分布数図 小地域分布数図

Notable cities

Yazu-gun Chidzu-chou

Similar names:

Fushimoto 【伏本】レベル3
About 110
, Fujimoto 【藤本】レベル7
About 204,500
, Fujimoto 【藤元】レベル5
About 6,400
, Fujimoto 【藤下】レベル5
About 3,600
, Fujimoto 【冨士本】レベル4
About 500
, Fujimoto 【富士本】レベル3
About 400
, Fujimoto 【冨士元】レベル3
About 100
, Fujimoto 【藤基】レベル3
About 100
, Fujimoto 【富士元】レベル3
About 70
, Fujimoto 【藤茂登】レベル2
About 40
, Fujimoto 【藤源】レベル2
About 10
, Fujimoto 【藤幹】レベル1
Very rare
, Fujimoto 【藤夲】レベル1
Very rare
, Fuchimoto 【渕本】レベル4
About 900
, Fuchimoto 【淵本】レベル4
About 700
, Fuchimoto 【渕元】レベル3
About 140
, Fuchimoto 【淵元】レベル2
About 30


Fuchimoto 【扶持本】レベル2
About 30
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