Etymology and distribution of 岳山.

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【岳山】Etymology of Japanese surnames.


Takeyama 【岳山】3 The Japanese surnames etymology dictionary.

Fukuoka-ken , Hiroshima-ken , Kagoshima-ken .

Hiroshima-ken Akitakata-shi Tell him that he was engaged in agriculture at Takamiya Town Hasabitake. Estimated in the Edo period.

Hiroshima-ken Higashihiroshima-shi Originated from the way-out of Mizu 's small letter in Akitsukicho. The place name was also written as "roadside".

Yamaguchi-ken Houfu-shi Originated from the way -out of the Okuhata's small letters.

2020年 12月 20日 更新

Okayama 【岳山】3 The Japanese surnames etymology dictionary.

Ishikawa-ken Kaga-shi , Ishikawa-ken Kanazawa-shi · Tokushima-ken Mima-shi . Thing . A variant of the 母屋 building. Tokushima-ken Mima-shi Tell him that he was engaged in agriculture and forestry at Kiiyahei upstream.

2017年 10月 15日 更新

Kakuyama 【岳山】3 The Japanese surnames etymology dictionary.

Iwate-ken Kuji-shi , Aomori-ken .

Iwate-ken Kunohe-gun Hirono-chou birthplace originated from Shiki 's underwater deer bran .

Iwate-ken Kuji-shi Originated from Shimane branch of Kuju town.

Aomori-ken San'nohe-gun Hashikami-chou Origin of Shikono Kurobun . It is distributed in the same place.

Topography . The Ainu language Kama Ukka means "Hiraiwa no Ise". In the dialect of Iwate-ken , Aomori-ken , canoe is a lawn without tree growing. Iwate - ken Kunohe - gun Hirono - chou Tell her that within the confines of herself she called the area near the place of residence as the deerbush .

2017年 10月 15日 更新

Similar names:

Okayama 【岡山】6 , Okayama 【丘山】3 , Okayama 【阜山】2 , Kakuyama 【角山】5 , Kakuyama 【隔山】2 , Kakuyama 【郭山】2 , Kakuyama 【赫山】1 , Kakuyama 【覚山】1 , Kakuyama 【格山】1 , Kaguyama 【香久山】1 , Takeyama 【竹山】5 , Takeyama 【武山】5 , Takeyama 【嶽山】3 , Takeyama 【孟山】1 , Dakeyama 【嶽山】3 , Dakeyama 【嵩山】3 , Tateyama 【嶽山】3

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【岳山】Distribution of surname.


Distributions by prefecture
Distributions by city
Distributions by subregion
Whole Japan Prefectures
レベル3 1 Nagasaki-ken(About 30)
2 Tokushima-ken(About 20)
3 Okayama-ken(About 10)
3 Oosaka-fu(About 10)
5 Toukyou-to(About 10)
5 Hyougo-ken(About 10)
7 Nagano-ken(Very rare)
7 Fukuoka-ken(Very rare)
7 Shiga-ken(Very rare)
7 Toyama-ken(Very rare)
PopulationAbout 120
Rank by city
1 Kaifu-gun Kaiyou-chou(About 20)
2 Mimasaka-shi(About 10)
2 Saikai-shi(About 10)
2 Takatsuki-shi(About 10)
5 Nagasaki-shi(About 10)
5 Sasebo-shi(About 10)
7 Ootsu-shi(Very rare)
7 Kishima-gun Shiroishi-chou(Very rare)
7 Setagaya-ku(Very rare)
7 Nakano-ku(Very rare)
Rank by subregion
1 長崎県 西海市 雪浦小松郷(About 10)
1 岡山県 美作市 川東(About 10)
3 徳島県 海部郡海陽町 奥浦新町(About 10)

Notable cities

Kaifu-gun Kaiyou-chou

Distributions of ratios

Distributions of ratios by prefecture
Distributions of ratios by city
Distributions of ratios by subregion
Whole Japan Prefectures
RatiosVery rare 1 Tokushima-ken(0.00187%)
2 Nagasaki-ken(0.0018%)
3 Okayama-ken(0.00061%)
4 Saga-ken(0.000493%)
5 Toyama-ken(0.000342%)
6 Shiga-ken(0.000325%)
7 Nara-ken(0.000297%)
8 Oosaka-fu(0.000173%)
9 Kyouto-fu(0.000166%)
10 Hyougo-ken(0.000164%)
Rank by city
1 Kaifu-gun Kaiyou-chou(0.0945%)
2 Saikai-shi(0.0294%)
3 Mimasaka-shi(0.027%)
4 Kishima-gun Shiroishi-chou(0.0142%)
5 Kitasaku-gun Karuizawa-machi(0.00918%)
6 Yamatokooriyama-shi(0.00453%)
7 Takatsuki-shi(0.00396%)
8 Kyouto-shi Kita-ku(0.00359%)
9 Sasebo-shi(0.00296%)
10 Oomuta-shi(0.00285%)
Rank by subregion


Takeyama 【嶽山】3 are variants.

Okayama【岳山】3, Kakuyama【岳山】3 are referenced.