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多勢(たせ / たせい)さんの由来と分布

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Tase 【多勢】レベル4
About 500
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Saga-ken Saga-shi , Hiroshima-ken Higashihiroshima-shi , Oosaka-fu Oosaka-shi .

Birth of Gunma-ken Oota-shi Tokugawa Town. In the Kamakura period the name of the place with a record in the notation of "Tokugawa". Toukyou-to Chiyoda-ku Chiyoda is the general of the Edo shogunate of the government agency, Ibaraki-ken Mito-shi Sannomaru is the lord of the Mito of the clan office, Ibaraki-ken Shimotsuma-shi Shimotsuma Kosho is the shrine lord of the shrine , Gunma-ken Tatebayashi-shi Yamanashi - ken Koufu - shi Marunouchi is the lord of the Kofu domain of the clan office, Shizuoka - ken Shizuoka - shi Aoi - ku Sunpu castle park is the Sunpu lord of the clan office, Aichi - ken Kiyosu - shi Kiyosu clan Kishu lordship of the agency, Aichi-ken Nagoya-shi Naka-ku Honmaru was the Owari lord of the clan office, Wakayama-ken Wakayama-shi the first in the Edo era for the Kishu lord of the clan office. Aichi-ken Nagoya-shi Tokugawa Tokugawa-cho · Tokugawa is a transit point. Because the place name was Tokugawa's mansion, 1931 Tokugawa Town was established in 1931, Tokugawa was established in 1980. Saga-ken Saga-shi Misase village Fujiwara is based. Saga-ken Saga-shi Misase village It is said that Mose was engaged in agriculture. Estimated in the Edo period. Ooita-ken Usa-shi It was in peaceful time in the Edo period. Shimane-ken Iishi-gun Iinan-chou in the same place tells that the name is red. Okinawa - ken Nanjou - shi In Sasaki Sarasu I tell you that officials invented from Japanese surname at Meiji New surname.

Korean type . From Mr. Tokugawa. There is a record of naturalization on Tottori-ken Yonago-shi on June 17, 1961. The real name is spicy. Shin reference. Oosaka-fu Oosaka-shi There was a record of naturalization on June 24, 1974 in Ikuno-ku. The real name is Genkai. Gen reference.

There was a case of creating from the small place name of Tokugawa (Tokuchon) at the time of Mr. Shin's rename. Location unknown.

Nara-ken Gojou-shi Originated from the Tokugawa, a small figure of Kitosoki Nishiyoshino cho.

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Tasei 【多勢】レベル4
About 500
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Fukuoka-ken . Thing . The first element is from "hair" of the hairstyle. Fukuoka-ken Tagawa-gun Kawara-machi Meiji New surname by Monk of Shosenji in Shogun's Jodo Shinshu.

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Whole Japan Prefectures
レベル4 1 Yamagata-ken(About 200)
2 Fukushima-ken(About 120)
3 Toukyou-to(About 60)
4 Kanagawa-ken(About 50)
4 Saitama-ken(About 50)
6 Hokkaidou(About 20)
7 Tochigi-ken(About 10)
7 Chiba-ken(About 10)
9 Shizuoka-ken(Very rare)
9 Aomori-ken(Very rare)
PopulationAbout 500
Rank by city
1 Nan'you-shi(About 70)
2 Fukushima-shi(About 50)
3 Higashiokitama-gun Kawanishi-machi(About 30)
4 Date-shi(About 20)
4 Yamagata-shi(About 20)
6 Date-gun Koori-machi(About 20)
7 Date-gun Kunimi-machi(About 10)
7 Kawaguchi-shi(About 10)
9 Kooriyama-shi(About 10)
9 Utsunomiya-shi(About 10)
Rank by subregion
1 山形県 南陽市 漆山(About 30)
2 山形県 東置賜郡川西町 下奥田(About 20)
3 山形県 南陽市 池黒(About 10)
3 山形県 東置賜郡川西町 上小松(About 10)
5 福島県 伊達市 久根妻(About 10)
5 栃木県 宇都宮市 徳次郎町(About 10)
5 山形県 山形市 江俣(About 10)
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Notable cities

Higashiokitama-gun Kawanishi-machi , Nan'you-shi , Date-gun Kunimi-machi , Date-gun Koori-machi

Similar names:

Tase 【田瀬】レベル3
About 300
, Tase 【田勢】レベル3
About 300
, Tase 【田畝】レベル3
About 90
, Tasei 【田井】レベル5
About 10,900
, Tasei 【田制】レベル3
About 400
, Tasei 【田勢】レベル3
About 300


Tasei 【多勢】レベル4
About 500
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