Etymology and distribution of 出川.

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出川(でがわ / でかわ / いずかわ / いでがわ)さんの由来と分布

Etymology Distribution Information provision

【出川】Etymology of Japanese surnames.


Degawa 【出川】5 The Japanese surnames etymology dictionary.

Oosaka-fu , Nara-ken , Hyougo-ken .

Oosaka-fu Habikino-shi Nishiura is a place name with a record since the warring country era. Tokushima-ken Katsuura-gun Kamikatsu-chou It was in the Edo period in Asahi. Tell him that Wakayama-ken is out there. Hyougo-ken Himeji-shi Honmachi was in the Edo period in the Himeji Samurai of the Clan Office.

Nagasaki-ken Higashisonogi-gun Higashisonogi-chou Originated from Nishiura in Komon Kozo's miniature.

Kyouto-fu Nantan-shi Miyama Town Fukami Nishi Urakawa nuclear power plant. It is distributed in the same place.

Wakayama-ken Kaisou-gun Kimino-chou Originated from the Nishiura Valley in Hatani's small figure.

Tokushima-ken Mima-gun Tsurugi-chou Sadako Nishiura birth. It is distributed in the same place.

2021年 5月 19日 更新

Izukawa 【出川】5 The Japanese surnames etymology dictionary.

Shimane-ken Oochi-gun Oonan-chou · Hiroshima-ken . Thing . From one fence. Shimane - ken Oochi - gun Oonan - chou There is distribution in the Yagami Koyama Valley.

2017年 10月 15日 更新

Idegawa 【出川】5 The Japanese surnames etymology dictionary.

Saitama-ken Fukaya-shi . Thing . A variant of 猪塚 . Saitama-ken Fukaya-shi poor budget is based. It was in the Edo period in the same place. 猪塚 Idzuka reference.

2017年 10月 15日 更新

Dekawa 【出川】5 The Japanese surnames etymology dictionary.

Hyougo-ken Akashi-shi , Kanagawa-ken .

Topography . From the west of the west. Hyougo - ken Akashi - shi Okubo - cho is headquartered. The land faces the Seto Inland Sea. Tottori-ken Yonago-shi In the town in the inner town tells that Hyougo-ken Akashi-shi gave a pilot ahead of the emperor's shrine when the empress became the Yayoi era from the Imperial era. Hyougo-ken Akashi-shi Akashi park was in the Edo period in the Akashi Samurai of the Clan office. It was in the Edo period in Kanagawa-ken Ebina-shi . The pronunciation is peacock. Yamagata-ken Tsuruoka-shi was in the Edo period. It is said that Mie-ken Chubu (old: Ise kun) is out on the same place. The pronunciation is nishigai. In Tochigi-ken Ootawara-shi Kase, tell her that she came from southern Ishikawa-ken (formerly Kaga) and changed from Yoshida surname. Estimated in the Edo period. The pronunciation is sawai. 吉田 Yoshida reference.

Yamanashi-ken Minamitsuru-gun Fujikawaguchiko-machi Origin of West Lake (Psycho). A place name with a record since the Kamakura period. The place name was also pronounced "nishinomi" with notation "Saikai", "Nishinohai", "Nishinoko".

2020年 7月 24日 更新

Similar names:

Izukawa 【泉川】5 , Izukawa 【伊豆川】3 , Itegawa 【井手川】2 , Idegawa 【出河】3 , Idegawa 【井手川】2 , Idegawa 【井出川】2 , Tekawa 【天川】5 , Tekawa 【手川】3 , Tegawa 【天川】5 , Tegawa 【手川】3 , Dekawa 【出河】3 , Degawa 【出河】3

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【出川】Distribution of surname.


Distributions by prefecture
Distributions by city
Distributions by subregion
Whole Japan Prefectures
レベル5 1 Kanagawa-ken(About 700)
2 Toukyou-to(About 500)
3 Shimane-ken(About 300)
4 Nagano-ken(About 300)
4 Saitama-ken(About 300)
6 Aomori-ken(About 300)
7 Akita-ken(About 150)
8 Chiba-ken(About 110)
9 Oosaka-fu(About 100)
10 Nara-ken(About 90)
PopulationAbout 3,500
Rank by city
1 Hachinohe-shi(About 200)
2 Nakano-shi(About 200)
3 Izumo-shi(About 200)
3 Oota-ku(About 200)
5 Kawasaki-shi Kawasaki-ku(About 140)
6 Matsue-shi(About 130)
7 Kitaakita-shi(About 110)
8 Gyouda-shi(About 80)
8 Iruma-shi(About 80)
10 Yokohama-shi Tsudzuki-ku(About 70)
Rank by subregion
1 長野県 中野市 深沢(About 90)
2 東京都 大田区 羽田(About 70)
3 島根県 出雲市 武志町(About 70)
4 神奈川県 横浜市都筑区 東山田町(About 50)
4 埼玉県 入間市 下谷ケ貫(About 50)
6 神奈川県 鎌倉市 腰越(About 50)
6 長野県 中野市 竹原(About 50)
8 神奈川県 川崎市川崎区 渡田東町(About 40)
8 埼玉県 行田市 北河原(About 40)
10 秋田県 北秋田市 綴子往還下(About 30)

Notable cities

Koudzushima Koudzushima-mura , Nakano-shi , Niijima Niijima-mura , Ooshima Ooshima-machi , Kitaakita-shi , Kashiba-shi , Izumo-shi , Kahoku-gun Uchinada-machi , Kawasaki-shi Kawasaki-ku , Yokohama-shi Tsudzuki-ku , Chiisagata-gun Nagawa-machi , Hachinohe-shi , Iruma-shi , Gyouda-shi

Distributions of ratios

Distributions of ratios by prefecture
Distributions of ratios by city
Distributions of ratios by subregion
Whole Japan Prefectures
Ratios0.00286% 1 Shimane-ken(0.0333%)
2 Aomori-ken(0.016%)
3 Nagano-ken(0.0115%)
4 Akita-ken(0.0102%)
5 Kanagawa-ken(0.01%)
6 Nara-ken(0.00594%)
7 Toukyou-to(0.00582%)
8 Saitama-ken(0.00514%)
9 Ishikawa-ken(0.00273%)
10 Hiroshima-ken(0.00245%)
Rank by city
1 Koudzushima Koudzushima-mura(0.668%)
2 Nakano-shi(0.386%)
3 Niijima Niijima-mura(0.344%)
4 Kitaakita-shi(0.205%)
5 Ooshima Ooshima-machi(0.194%)
6 Kahoku-gun Uchinada-machi(0.0963%)
7 Kashiba-shi(0.0927%)
8 Kawasaki-shi Kawasaki-ku(0.0882%)
9 Hachinohe-shi(0.0879%)
10 Gyouda-shi(0.0859%)
Rank by subregion
1 秋田県 北秋田市 綴子往還下(23.5% / About 30)
2 長野県 中野市 深沢(18.9% / About 90)
3 秋田県 北秋田市 綴子糠沢(12% / About 30)
4 埼玉県 入間市 下谷ケ貫(9.38% / About 50)
5 埼玉県 行田市 北河原(4% / About 40)
6 島根県 松江市 西来待(3.16% / About 30)
7 島根県 出雲市 武志町(3.13% / About 70)
8 長野県 中野市 竹原(2.99% / About 50)
9 神奈川県 川崎市川崎区 渡田東町(2.89% / About 40)
10 神奈川県 横浜市都筑区 東山田町(1.54% / About 50)


Degawa 【出河】3 are variants.

Izukawa【出川】5, Idegawa【出川】5, Dekawa【出川】5 are referenced.