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【龝岡】Etymology of Japanese surnames.


Akioka 【龝岡】1 The Japanese surnames etymology dictionary.

Aichi-ken , Hokkaidou , Hyougo-ken .

Originated from Akita-ken Akita-shi . The place name which we called "Putian (Agita)" in the Asuka period. Aichi-ken Ichinomiya-shi It was in the Edo period in Morimoto. Good neighbor . Shizuoka-ken Iwata-shi Distributed in the Kunihara.

Aichi-ken Niwa-gun Ooguchi-chou Akita is a place name established as a village name in 1878.

Korean type . Terrain . "Autumn" was added. Oosaka-fu Oosaka-shi There is a record of naturalization on March 25, 1959 in Higashiyodogawa Ward. Autumn is the real name. Aki reference.

Topography . Kagoshima-ken Izumi-shi From the Akita gate in the Shimonoseki Town, the gate division system that was in the Edo period. The gate name is from autumn rice.

Kagoshima-ken Minamikyuushuu-shi Originated from Akita of Shimoyamada's small character.

Tokushima-ken Tokushima-shi Tokushima cho was in the Edo period in Tokushima Samurai of the Clan office. The same clan says from Kagawa-ken that he resides in Tokushima-ken Miyoshi-shi Igawa-machi Nishigawa and was Akiyama surname. 秋山 Akiyama reference.

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Similar names:

Akioka 【秋岡】4 , Akioka 【穐岡】3 , Akioka 【明岳】2

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【龝岡】Distribution of surname.

No data. This is very rare surname.