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Aoto 【青戸】レベル5
About 2,900
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Aichi-ken , Hokkaidou , Toukyou-to .

Topography . From the blue mountains. Originated from Aoyama in southern part of Gifu-ken (old: Mino country). Period, location unknown. Good neighbor . Nagano-ken Matsumoto-shi Distributed in the island.

② Originated from Aoyama of Ibaraki-ken (formerly Hitachi country). Toukyou-to Chiyoda-ku Chiyoda was in the Edo era as the shogunate of the Edo shogunate of the government agency. Tradition by the shogunate. Mie-ken Iga-shi · Nabari city (formerly in Iga-ku) tells that in 1582 (Tensho 10 years) he became the keeper of Tokugawa Ieyasu, the battle commander of the Warring States period, Azuchi Momoyama period, and Edo period. Ibaraki-ken Higashiibaraki-gun Shirosato-machi Top Aoyama · Shimoyama is a period of the North and the North Afternoon , Ibaraki-ken Hokota-shi Aoyama is a place name with a record since the Edo period.

Toukyou-to Minato-ku Aoyama is a stopover. A place name with a record since the Edo period. Tell the place name from Mr. Aoyama's name.

Hyougo-ken Himeji-shi Aoyama origin. A place name with a record since the Warring States Period. Ishikawa-ken Kanazawa-shi Marunouchi was in the Edo era at the Kaga clan in the Clan office. There is a tradition to the same clan.

Gunma-ken Agatsuma-gun Nakanojou-machi Origin of Aoyama. A place name with a record since the Edo period. Hyougo-ken Sasayama-shi Kitashin-cho is the lord of the Shinoyama of the Clan office, Gifu-ken Gujou-shi Yahata-cho Yanagi cho is the Gujo lord of the clan office, Chiba-ken Katori-shi Shimoda lies in the Edo era in the lord of Shimosa Iida It was. There is handed down to the same lord.

Shiga-ken Higashioumi-shi Aoyama-cho originated. A place name with a record since the Edo period. It is distributed in the same place.

Abbreviation . Shimayama's abbreviation Shimane-ken Yasugi-shi tells that Shimane-ken Yasugi-shi abbreviated Qingyan surname after the fall of Tsukiyama Tomita Castle in Tomita in 1566 (Eikoku 9 years). There is also a story that Aoyama was pronounced as Seyama. 清山 Kiyoyama reference.

things . Wakayama-ken Hidaka-gun Yura-chou Meiji New surname by monk at Horinji Temple in Nishiyama Jodo -jima in Kinna. "Blue", "Mountain" is used from Aoki mountain of the same temple's mountain.

Korea system . A variant of 碧山 . There is a record of naturalization on Niigata-ken Tookamachi-shi (formerly Koino village in Nakaunuma gun, June 9, 1954). The real name is Li. Ri reference.

Korean type . Originated in Gyeongsangbuk County, South Korea. Use blue pine "blue". There is a record of naturalization on Aichi-ken Okazaki-shi on January 26, 1979. The real name is sinking. Chin reference.

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Similar names:

Aoto 【青砥】レベル5
About 3,700
, Aoto 【靑砥】レベル1
Very rare


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