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【衛守】Etymology of Japanese surnames.


Emori 【衛守】3 The Japanese surnames etymology dictionary.

Yamaguchi-ken , Hiroshima-ken , Oosaka-fu .

① Heterogeneity of 太田 . In Niigata-ken Murakami-shi Kuroda it is Ota's surname. Estimated in the Edo period.

Gunma-ken Agatsuma-gun Higashiagatsuma-machi Originated from the vicinity of chestnut (Oda Township). A place name with a record in the Heian period.

③ Originated from Chiba-ken Asahi-shi D (formerly Daejeon). A place name with a record since the Heian period. The place name was also written as "Ota".

Kagoshima-ken Hioki-shi Iiseu Foundation Origin of Daejeon. A place name with a record since the Kamakura period.

Okinawa-ken Uruma-shi Born of Daejeon. A place name with a record since the Kingdom of the Ryukyus. Ryukyuan sound is Woofer.

Kyouto-fu Mukou-shi Ueno field town Ohta birth. It is distributed in the same place.

Topography . From the Ota gates of the gate division system which was in the Edo period. An example of the location of the gate. Kagoshima-ken Akune-shi Okawa, Kagoshima-ken Akune-shi Yamashita, Kagoshima-ken Satsumasendai-shi Hibide- machi Ichino, Kagoshima-ken Satsumasendai-shi Kurano Higiwakicho. The gate name comes from a big field.

Korea system . Creation . Add "large" to the field. Hyougo - ken Koube - shi There is a record of naturalization on 17th December 1974 in Nada Ward. The real name is Rice. Den reference.

Shimane-ken Daejeon (Oda) City is a place name with a record in the notation of "eup" in the Heian era. The place name was also written as "Ota".

※ There was Mr. Ota's surname in southern part of Gifu-ken (old: Mino country). From the Imperial era, the Yayoi era is the era of prediction.

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Similar names:

Emori 【江森】5 , Emori 【江守】5 , Emori 【榎森】3 , Emori 【栄森】3 , Emori 【江盛】3 , Emori 【会森】3 , Emori 【恵森】2 , Emori 【恵守】2 , Emori 【枝森】2 , Emori 【榮森】1

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【衛守】Distribution of surname.


Distributions by prefecture
Distributions by city
Distributions by subregion
Whole Japan Prefectures
レベル3 1 Kagoshima-ken(About 10)
1 Saitama-ken(About 10)
3 Kanagawa-ken(About 10)
4 Ibaraki-ken(Very rare)
4 Fukuoka-ken(Very rare)
4 Oosaka-fu(Very rare)
PopulationAbout 50
Rank by city
1 Kawagoe-shi(About 10)
2 Fukuoka-shi Higashi-ku(Very rare)
2 Fujisawa-shi(Very rare)
2 Hiratsuka-shi(Very rare)
2 Ooshima-gun Kikai-chou(Very rare)
2 Ooshima-gun China-chou(Very rare)
2 Aira-shi(Very rare)
2 Hiki-gun Hatoyama-machi(Very rare)
2 Hirakata-shi(Very rare)
2 Kitasouma-gun Tone-machi(Very rare)
Rank by subregion

Distributions of ratios

Distributions of ratios by prefecture
Distributions of ratios by city
Distributions of ratios by subregion
Whole Japan Prefectures
RatiosVery rare 1 Kagoshima-ken(0.00061%)
2 Saitama-ken(0.00022%)
3 Ibaraki-ken(0.000142%)
4 Kanagawa-ken(0.000123%)
5 Fukuoka-ken(Very rare)
6 Oosaka-fu(Very rare)
Rank by city
1 Ooshima-gun China-chou(0.0431%)
2 Ooshima-gun Kikai-chou(0.0306%)
3 Hiki-gun Hatoyama-machi(0.0263%)
4 Kitasouma-gun Tone-machi(0.0208%)
5 Aira-shi(0.0049%)
6 Kawagoe-shi(0.00311%)
7 Fukuoka-shi Higashi-ku(0.00247%)
8 Hiratsuka-shi(0.00193%)
9 Fujisawa-shi(0.00133%)
10 Hirakata-shi(0.00125%)
Rank by subregion