Etymology and distribution of 広出.

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【広出】Etymology of Japanese surnames.


Hirode 【広出】3 The Japanese surnames etymology dictionary.

Ibaraki-ken , Hokkaidou , Yamagata-ken .

① Heterogeneous shape of 船生 . It was in the Azuchi-Momoyama period as a vassal of Mr. Satake based on Ibaraki-ken .

Fukushima-ken Date-shi Birth of Yunogawa Town Funako. In the Kamakura period the name of the place with a record as "ship crew". Miyagi-ken Sendai-shi Aoba-ku Kawauchi was in the Edo era in the Sendai Samurai of the Clan office. Tradition of the same samurai.

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Hirode 【廣出】2

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【広出】Distribution of surname.


Distributions by prefecture
Distributions by city
Distributions by subregion
Whole Japan Prefectures
レベル3 1 Mie-ken(About 90)
2 Oosaka-fu(About 20)
3 Aichi-ken(About 10)
4 Shiga-ken(Very rare)
4 Chiba-ken(Very rare)
4 Kyouto-fu(Very rare)
PopulationAbout 130
Rank by city
1 Watarai-gun Minamiise-chou(About 40)
2 Iga-shi(About 20)
3 Ise-shi(About 10)
4 Tsu-shi(About 10)
5 Kyouto-shi Higashiyama-ku(Very rare)
5 Matsusaka-shi(Very rare)
5 Kouka-shi(Very rare)
5 Aichi-gun Tougou-chou(Very rare)
5 Chita-gun Higashiura-chou(Very rare)
5 Toyohashi-shi(Very rare)
Rank by subregion
1 三重県 度会郡南伊勢町 押渕(About 40)

Notable cities

Watarai-gun Minamiise-chou

Distributions of ratios

Distributions of ratios by prefecture
Distributions of ratios by city
Distributions of ratios by subregion
Whole Japan Prefectures
Ratios0.00011% 1 Mie-ken(0.0046%)
2 Shiga-ken(0.000325%)
3 Oosaka-fu(0.00023%)
4 Aichi-ken(0.000202%)
5 Kyouto-fu(0.000166%)
6 Chiba-ken(Very rare)
Rank by city
1 Watarai-gun Minamiise-chou(0.153%)
2 Iga-shi(0.0159%)
3 Aichi-gun Tougou-chou(0.0136%)
4 Oosaka-shi Ten'nouji-ku(0.011%)
5 Mie-gun Komono-chou(0.0109%)
6 Chita-gun Higashiura-chou(0.00924%)
7 Kyouto-shi Higashiyama-ku(0.00887%)
8 Ise-shi(0.00875%)
9 Fujiidera-shi(0.00696%)
10 Kouka-shi(0.00462%)
Rank by subregion
1 三重県 度会郡南伊勢町 押渕(14.7% / About 40)


Hirode 【廣出】2 are variants.