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Sadakata 【定形】レベル3
About 200
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Kagoshima-ken , Miyazaki-ken , Shizuoka-ken .

Topography . From the white ridge. It was in the Edo period in Kagoshima-ken Kagoshima-shi . Tell him that he changed the name from Nikaido surname in the same place. 二階堂 Nikaidou reference. Miyazaki-ken Koyu-gun Takanabe-chou Ueji was in the Edo period in the Takanabe clan of the clan office.

things . Shizuoka-Ken Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku, in Hachiman Shrine of Hachiman-cho, Shizuoka-Ken Hamamatsu-Shi 1 January 1573 in the vicinity of the Kita-ku Mikatahara-cho, Sengoku, which was defeated in the battle of mikatagahara that was in (1572 December) When the Tokugawa Ieyasu of the era, Azuchi Momoyama period, Edo era erupted, the tail of the white horse was out, so tell him that you hid it so that it could not be found by the enemy.

things . Ehime-ken Oozu-shi In Takagawa- machi Yamasaki -shin , tell him that it was the priest of the Shirao Shrine. Ehime-ken Oozu-shi There is a Shirao shrine in Matsuo.

Kumamoto-ken Ashikita-gun Ashikita-machi Origin of Shiraki. A place name with a record since the Edo period. I used Shiraki's "White". It is distributed in the same place.

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Whole Japan Prefectures
レベル3 1 Gunma-ken(About 90)
2 Saitama-ken(About 20)
3 Kanagawa-ken(About 10)
3 Tochigi-ken(About 10)
3 Chiba-ken(About 10)
6 Toukyou-to(About 10)
7 Ibaraki-ken(Very rare)
PopulationAbout 200
Rank by city
1 Maebashi-shi(About 70)
2 Ashikaga-shi(About 10)
3 Funabashi-shi(About 10)
3 Takasaki-shi(About 10)
3 Isesaki-shi(About 10)
6 Ebina-shi(Very rare)
6 Ayase-shi(Very rare)
6 Yokohama-shi Seya-ku(Very rare)
6 Koutou-ku(Very rare)
6 Edogawa-ku(Very rare)
Rank by subregion
1 群馬県 前橋市 亀里町(About 40)
2 群馬県 前橋市 南町(About 10)
2 栃木県 足利市 大前町(About 10)
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Similar names:

Sadakata 【貞方】レベル5
About 2,000
, Sadakata 【定方】レベル4
About 1,100
, Sadakata 【貞形】レベル3
About 80


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