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【南學】Etymology of Japanese surnames.


Nangaku 【南學】1 The Japanese surnames etymology dictionary.

Nagasaki-ken , Nagano-ken , Toyama-ken .

Topography . From the slope. There are cases where Hira means "sloping ground". Toyama-ken Shimoniikawa-gun It was in the Edo period in Asahi-machi . Toyama-ken Shimoniikawa-gun Asahi-machi Hirayanagi was a place name with a record since the Edo period. It is based in the same place. Good neighbor . Nagano-ken Nagano-shi Aokijima Kozukijima, Wakayama-ken Nishimuro-gun Shirahama-chou There is distribution in the house.

Topography . Iwate-ken Rikuzentakata-shi tells that Heike's lost person who came from Ishikawa-ken added "slope" flatly. Estimated in the Kamakura period. Taira reference.

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Similar names:

Nangaku 【南学】2 , Nangaku 【南岳】2

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【南學】Distribution of surname.

No data. This is very rare surname.