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【兵エ】Etymology of Japanese surnames.


Hyoue 【兵エ】1 The Japanese surnames etymology dictionary.

Kanagawa-ken Fujisawa-shi , Kanagawa-ken Chigasaki-shi . Summary . Abbreviation of Miyake Kanagawa-ken Fujisawa-shi In Hatori Okayama-ken Kaoshima at Koashima in Kurashiki-shi In order to disguise Miyake surname as it was called in the southern dawn in the North-South morning era, leaving Miyake's "three" and "Homage (Taku)啄 (Taku) "is used to change the name of the third family name, and from the fact that the literal character of" 啄 "is" pecking with the beak ", it further changes to the" beak "of the synonym and tells that he made it as Sansui surname. There are also stories saying that the present three-horn notation has forgotten the original meaning. It is unknown whether Mikage exists. 三宅 Miyake reference.

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Similar names:

Hyoue 【兵江】3 , Hyoue 【兵恵】3 , Hyoue 【表江】3 , Hyoue 【兵衛】3 , Hyoue 【俵家】2 , Hyoue 【兵惠】1

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【兵エ】Distribution of surname.

No data. This is very rare surname.