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【亰守】Etymology of Japanese surnames.


Oomori 【亰守】1 The Japanese surnames etymology dictionary.

Aichi-ken , Oosaka-fu , Hokkaidou . Fukui-ken Nyuu-gun Echizen-chou Origin of Oda. A place name with a record since the Kamakura period. Muromachi era in the Aichi-ken western part (formerly Owariari country), Gifu-ken Ibi-gun Oono-chou field is the lord of Nomura of the clan office, Mie-ken Tsu-shi Geinocho forest is the lord lord of the clan agency, Oosaka-fu Settsu-shi Mishima to the lord of the hanjyo in the Azuchi-Momoyama era · Edo period, Yamagata-ken Tendou-shi Tazuru-cho is the temple lord of the clan office, Yamagata-ken Higashiokitama-gun Takahata-machi Takahata is the lord of the clan , Gunma-ken Kanra-gun Kanra-machi Obata is the clan lord of Odori of the Clan Agency, Nara-ken Tenri-shi Yanagimoto Town is the lord of Yanagimoto of the Clan Agency, Nara-ken Sakurai-shi Oshitori is the Official Lord of the Clan Agency, Nara -ken Sakurai-shi Shiba is the lord of Shiba Villa of the Clan Office, Nara-ken Uda-shi Daewoo Shimo is the lords of Uda Matsuyama of the Clan office, Hyougo-ken Tanba-shi Kashiwabara Kashiwabara to the Kashiwabara lord of the clan office during the Edo period there were.

Kagoshima-ken Minamisatsuma-shi It is a comparison site of Odagamono of the gate division system which was in Edo period night. The gate name is estimated from the person's name.

Gifu-ken Kakamigahara-shi Nago Oda Town is a stopover. Place name established in 1944. Gifu - ken Kakamigahara - shi Gifu - ken Kakamigahara - shi Tell the hand - warrior shrine in Nagya - machi town that it is a land donated by Nobunaga Oda, a warrior of warring States and Azuchi - Momoyama period.

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Oomori 【大森】6 , Oomori 【大盛】4 , Oomori 【大守】3 , Oomori 【大毛利】2 , Oomori 【大漏】1

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【亰守】Distribution of surname.

No data. This is very rare surname.